1. DeHoek Country Hotel
The DeHoek Country Hotel lies chivalrously in a tranquil wedding country locality and is about an hour’s drive for a wedding photographer based in Johannesburg. This grand hotel is an imposing masterwork of Sandstone, Oregon, sensual fabrics and handcrafted furniture of Mahogany. The archetypal refined atmosphere mirrors a feeling of unending benefit and is sure to provide a wedding photography setting fit for only the very best. The DeHoek Hotel lies on the banks of the Magalies River and is set in one of a few remaining pristine river valleys left in Gauteng; it offers totally unique and astonishingly good outdoor wedding photography giving the Johannesburg wedding photographer a idyllic setting to blend man and nature into a formidable mix of love and beauty. The buildings supply old style tin roof stone walls timber backgrounds and the gardens offer beauty to go. DeHoek Country Hotel will allow a great wedding photographer opportunity to give you what you want, when only the best wedding photographs will do.

Wedding Photography

2. Askari Game Lodge
Askari Lodge allows you to celebrate your wedding with a difference; your wedding photographer will adore capturing you riding an elephant! Just over an hour’s drive from Johannesburg or Pretoria, the stunning Magaliesberg Mountains will proudly provide the setting for a truly exclusive dream wedding setting. You’ll provide your prized wedding photographer the once in lifetime opportunity to bestow upon you “Big 5” wedding photography – yes, Askari Lodge offers wedding parties an unforgettable Big 5 wedding exhilaration, in a geographically enchanted area richly entangled by African and Dutch histories.
Inside the giant thatch roofs will awe. Outside the bell towers with its rich earthly colours will sound. Slipper baths to coal stoves, wash stands to luggage chests and hand crafted antique cupboards – so many perfect wedding photography props. Outside the wildlife of the Plumari Game Reserve, the lapa set on pure river sand, the elephant dam and even the mountain will stand at attention. Askari Game Lodge is the forever the most enviable choice of Johannesburg’s utterly discerning wedding couple; a venue where wedding photography will write memories into the mind of the future, forever.

Wedding Photograhy Johannesburg3. Glenburn Lodge
Glenburn Lodge is akin to tranquillity, casually yet elegantly located in the Zwartkops Mountain Range, and boasts both banks of the Blaauwbank and Crocodile Rivers. It’s a quick 30 minute drive for a wedding photographer from either Johannesburg or Pretoria.
Glenburn Lodge offers an intimate natural scenic beauty which presents the ideal setting for top Johannesburg wedding photographers to open the flood gates of photographic excellence and offers no less than three superb wedding venues, each with a kaleidoscope of diverse country gardens or bushveld splendours offering near perfect food for any creative wedding photography thirst.
Glencove lies on the banks of the courageous Crocodile River in an exquisite country garden providing an astute wedding photography ample surrounding for majestic and timeless composition and natural exposures. Glen willow is located at the very foot of the sweeping Zwartkops Range in the Bush Willow tented camp offering a rustic wedding photography feel. Saving the best for last, Glenkyle pivots a magnificent waterfall, situated on the Blaauwbank River, and only seeing it can make it real. Glenburn lodge is a wedding photography venue, few others can hope to rival.

wedding photography palazzo hotel4. The Palazzo Hotel
The Palazzo Hotel is flawlessly located in the upmarket city of Sandton, North of Johannesburg, so it’s literally on the doorstep of most Johannesburg wedding photographers. But don’t let this detract from the magnificent landscaped gardens and countless water features which harmoniously create a peaceful and tranquil environment even in a busy micro metropolis like Fourways.
While Milan is thousands of kilometres away, the thousand year old Tuscan architecture of the Palazzo Hotel is not, and it comes alive with untold attention to historical detail, a continual feat of engineering brilliance and a pristine backdrop for any wedding photographer who will be enchanted by it. For any Johannesburg wedding photographer to turn your Palazzo wedding into a day trip through Rome is undemanding. In fact, looking at wedding photos from the Palazzo Hotel Montecasino, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were actually in Liguria, it’s that impressive. Vines entangle frames; frames enshroud carved rock; rock moves ancient streams; and streams flow through the extraordinary bird park bordering the Palazzo. This hotel will provide you with contemporary wedding photography interspersed with timeless authentic antiquity at its best.

Wedding Photography5. Oakfield Farm
Oakfield Farm is a wedding photographers dream. It offers more than what a Gauteng wedding photographer ever needs to be fabulously creative and produce wedding photography which truly rivals the best photographers and lasts a lifetime. From wide open savannah fields with lingering sunsets to dark moody and tall romantic forests interlaced with watery fairy trails, Oakfields has it all. This wedding photographer’s dream venue is situated close to Johannesburg, and Pretoria, so travelling is not an issue.
Oakfield farm features five simply spectacular venues to choose from, each with its own unique charms and imaginative and very colourful freedoms. If you’re choosing a wedding venue in Johannesburg and wedding photographs mean allot to you, you’d be almost insane not to choose Oakfields Farm. It’s an understatement to say that we thoroughly enjoy taking wedding photographs at Oakfield Farm.