Wedding Photography
As a bride, you can improve your Johannesburg wedding photography and look stunning in your wedding dress by taking into account certain factors that contribute towards having a great wedding shoot. Outlined are some of the ideas that can be used by a Gauteng wedding bride to her advantage to make the wedding photos taken stand out and make a heart felt and life long impression.

Lighting is everything : When it comes to taking wedding pictures, lighting is everything. In order to ensure that you make the most of this, choose soft lighting for your wedding reception, but make sure there is sufficient to take wedding photos. Every wedding photographer will tell you how important that is. Choose natural looking colours over blue lights for example. Candles on tables and angel lights add a romantic look to your wedding photos. They also soften your features, giving an overall pleasing look in the wedding photos. Whatever you do, avoid venues with harsh fluorescent light bulbs, as they are known to cast a cold light, which can be very unforgiving for any flaws.

Wedding PhotographersFrom dusk till dawn : When you schedule your wedding photography shoot in Gauteng or surrounds, try as much as possible to do so in such a way that makes the most of nature’s lighting – the SUN. It gives a golden like hue which is flattering to any picture – but importantly – not direct sun, a nicely shaded or overcast setting is best. Optimum times to make use of natural lighting are just before sunrise (OK we know that thats a little eager and ambitious to have you up on your wedding day) and two hours before sunset. Whereas it may not be practical to schedule a shoot for dawn, a shoot closer to dusk is a better option. Try schedule for around 3:00 pm onwards (depending on the seasons of course) as the glare from the sun is less harsh after this time. If you must have an earlier shoot, avoid taking shots at midday as the sun is high in the sky, and the shadows are unforgiving, and you not impress that many Gauteng wedding photographers. If you must schedule your wedding shoot around that time, make sure that it is taken with the bridal party standing in a cool and shaded area, be it under trees, balcony, gazebo e.t.c.

Johannesburg Wedding PhotographersShades of white: If you choose to wear white on your wedding day, it is important to choose the shade of white carefully. Different hues of white look better on different skin tones and this ultimately reflects what your wedding photographer presents to you in his deliverable. If you have a very pale complexion, be careful when selecting a light shade of white to avoid looking washed out, whereas if you are have a dark skin tone, you can get away with the whitest of whites. When you are shopping around for your wedding dress, be sure to get advice from the in-store consultant on the right shade for your skin tone, hoping they know what they are talking about.

Wedding Photography JohannesburgColour your world : A dash of colour does wonders for wedding photography. Amazing wedding photography has been captured of brides with blood red sashes around their waists, bright orange clips in their hair and sporting multi coloured necklaces.
Do not be afraid to experiment with colour, it may add a bold statement to your courageous event. A sharp burst of colour always adds character to wedding photos and wedding photographers in Gauteng love taking photos will vibrant colour.

Wedding photographers gautengBreak or make up : The right make-up makes a wedding photo, while poor make-up breaks it. It is important as a wedding bride, to use the right make-up to highlight your features. Also your makeup must leave you looking as natural as possible otherwise you may blame your wedding photographer for the strange looking bride in your wedding photos! Some common mistakes brides make are wearing the wrong shade or too much foundation, layering on too much lip gloss, over lengthening their eye lashes, not enough or little blusher… you get the drift. It is truly amazing what correctly applied makeup can do for your wedding photos. As a well known wedding photographer in Johannesburg, I can vouch for this time and time again – the camera captures every little detail and it is therefore important that your make up is professionally applied – do not cut costs, get a professional make-up artist.

Gauteng Wedding PhotographerSimplicity is key : The idea is to keep it simple. As a potential wedding bride, it is easy to get carried away and go over the top with all kind of fancy ideas. While some ideas may work, it is important to know what will not, or rather to err on the side of caution. Simplicity is beautiful. Part of keeping it simple means knowing what works for you. Your wedding is unique and it can never be duplicated, you do not have to go to extreme measures to make it stand out. Let your wedding photographers capture the beauty of simplicity. Its refreshing. What works on paper and on wedding television shows may not necessarily work on camera. Do your research and always ask yourself if the idea you are considering is a true reflection of your personal style.

Early bird rocks the shoot : It is advisable to have your formal bridal shots taken before the actual marriage ceremony. This is not so common nowadays but luckily couples are doing away with the traditional practice of having the photos taken after the ceremony. The advantages of these are countless. First and foremost, your hair and makeup is still fresh (no mascara lines from tears at the altar), the wedding photographer can compose his shots properly without having eager relatives jostling for a wedding photo (using there disposable cameras from Clicks) with you or distracting you by snapping away with their annoying cameras, it also gives you time to relax and smooths any nerves and jitters that you may have. It allows you to enjoy the formal/informal wedding shoots you take with your family without having to worry about your bridal couple shots.

Johannesburg wedding photographyLocation, location, location : This is a very true of a good wedding shoot. As a prospective bride, choose the location of your ceremony and reception with care – consult your wedding photographer if he/she is happy with the potential venue. Visit the venue and envisage taking wedding photos there. Venues with lovely outdoor nature features come up tops such as sprawling gardens, water, mountains in the background, beautiful building architecture and other quirky structures that stand out (think wind mill, old well, unique farm fence). Your wedding photographer will love you, and you will love the wedding photographs he gives you. All these add mystery and romance of your photos, so be sure to be on a lookout for that special location.

Be a model couple : It is your wedding day and any professional wedding photographer in Johannesburg will capture you beautifully, artistically and candidly when required. It is prudent to cooperate with his requests, even though they may seem outlandish at that time and make no sense (what, sit on the fence, I will look ridiculous?), there is usually a formula to his genius. Just relax and let him direct this aspect of your special wedding day. Be sure that when you look through your exquisite wedding photo-book, you will see that it was absolutely worth it.