Use of a projector and projector screen has become a common feature in modern world. They have an equal use in both homes and offices. Procuring the rear projection screen with rightful material used has become very important. In absence of this, it is more likely to give rise to pitfalls and troubles.

One of the very crucial characteristics of the rear projection screens is presence of a ‘planarity of its surface’. In instances where the surface is basically not flat, the images projected by it are likely to be a distorted one. The ideal screen is the one whose surface is flat and does not witness any crease on it. Use of the stretchable variety guarantees the existence of “planarity of the surface”.  As the material is capable of stretching, it helps in getting a flat surface thereby reducing any instance of crease or fold in the screen.

An acoustically transparent screen for projector is derived when the non-stretchable projection screen material is applied. The speciality of this material is it permits the smooth passing of sound through it. No matter what is your selection, always test the ability of the material to stretch. While doing so, make sure it remains flat according to your preferences. The most common fabrics that are used as the perfect projector scree material are –matt white, matt white rear coated, reference white and reference grey.

The fabric material is mostly white in color. As it is extremely difficult to maintain many types of screen flat and therefore textile-backed vinyl protection becomes the natural choice. Projector screen paint is widely used for creating a viewing area. When used for outdoor screens, using the rubberized canvas is a prudent move. As they are made of superior and durable material, it aids in providing a good gain. Adding a black border is helpful in getting a better picture quality as it absorbs velvet lights with ease. Avoid using a reflective material for this black border as it is more likely to distort the image even further.

Whenever you wish to buy projector screen materials, there are certain factors worth keeping in mind. For instance, have a better understanding of the gain it permits. For, the rule is simple – brighter are the images only in the event the gain is higher. Always prefer to buy seamless materials in contrast to other available materials. For, any stitchedportion is likely to create distorted image during its viewing. In cases where you intend to use it for home theatre purposes, choose the ones that come with high contrast fabrics.

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