There are specifically designed rear projection screens for different rear projection presentations. In this technique, image from the projector passes through the screen and then to the viewer’s eyes and is not reflected against the front of the screen as in usual methods of projection. The greatest advantage of projecting the picture from the back of the screen is that even if there are lights inside the room, it will not affect the quality of the picture. You will be able to view the images clearly. Rear projection screen will be of great advantage when you need to discuss points with the presenter during the presentation which will not be possible when the lights are off. It will also allow you to take notes even when the projection is on.

People have their preferences in choosing the type of display that suits their comfort level. Back projection is one the most popular methods and its major advantages are listed below:

  • Superior video quality and impressivebrightness.
  • Negation of any disturbing element, like shadows, because of the projection that is executed from the back of the screen.
  • Rear projection screen is ideal for situations and applications that require light.
  • They are noiseless and do not create any distortion of sound.

Rear projection screens are best suited in places like casinos, parlors and other places where there are lights and a huge gathering of people. People can watch sports events in the screen while relaxing on the spa or while playing cards inside a club house. They are not suitable in places where are there are obstructions in front of the screen. They are not suitable in places like theaters where people love dark atmosphere. Brightness from the screen will be too severe to watch images in absolute darkness. Therefore, it needs at least a small amount of light when the projection is on.

If you are interested in getting rear projection screen, it will be better to research enough on the type of technique you require before placing orders. Discuss the matter with professional in the field before finalizing your options. There are highly expensive screens and there are back projection screen that are available at affordable costs, depending upon the type and place of use.

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