An ultrasound transducer is a hand-held device which is used to transmit and receive ultrasound that is sound waves too high in pitch for human beings to hear. In the process of ultrasound medical imaging, sound waves are used to form images of the soft tissues in the body. These sound waves are made of accurate electronic timing circuits. After this the electric waves go to a transducer that changes the electrical power into sound power. The transducer sends ultrasound waves into the body and some of them get reflected as well. While the waves are getting reflected, the transducer acts like a microphone. The sound waves are then received and transformed back into electrical signals that are used to make the image. The transducers are also known as ultrasound probes.

Each body part is different from the other in terms of shape, size and function. Similarly the ultrasound transducers also have to be of different shapes, so that they can work with different parts of the body. The transducers which are used for breast ultrasound exams are usually flat and disc shaped while the ones used for gynecological exams are so made to fit into the vaginal cavity. The sound waves emitted by these transducers are not of enough energy to cause any harm to the body parts. Many high powered transducers are actually used in physical therapies to send heat to the tissues without having any side effects.

There are many varieties of transducers available in the market. With gradual progression in science and technology, a new type of laser ultrasonic transducer is dominating the market. It comprises an ultrasound receiver constructed from piezoelectric polymer materials with a coaxial optical fiber for laser-induced ultrasound. This is widely used in intra-arterial imaging and therapy. The medical procedures involving transducers have been found to be superior over some other immune-sensing techniques, being more rapid and informative than most of them.

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