Travel photography is a favorite field for photographers who love to travel the world. Any photography that promotes travel through either an editorial piece or advertising can be considered part of this type of photography. An important element of this field of photography is an ability to shoot candids of people. While it might seem logical that scenics and architecture stock photos of exotic places should be in great demand, the essence and main purpose of this genre is to bring people. That can only be accomplished by photographing people and by bringing the scenics and buildings alive by populating them.

While there is steady demand for travel images, much is being supplied by stock agencies these days, and increasingly assignments are given to local or regional photographers instead of flying one around to various points on the globe. So, it might be difficult to make it on this type of photography alone. It is, however, an excellent additional revenue stream for a successful photography business and readily lends itself to shooting stock. Your Travel Photography portfolio must display your unique style and also be generic (photos are more valuable and marketable when they are generic in nature – within a specified niche).

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