Choosing your wedding cake while your Johannesburg wedding photographer is capturing you do it can be a mouth watering experience. But before the big day it can be time consuming – as you go back and forth on the choices you make, unsure of that perfect wedding cake to serve your guests at the Gauteng wedding.
This need not be the case anymore! Wedding4africa have outlined some handy hints and tips to bear in mind when choosing your Johannesburg wedding cake so as to make an informed and quicker decision.

lovely wedding cakes in Johannesburg which Photograph WellKnow what you want: Have a general idea of the type of wedding cake you want, to avoid making spur of the moment decisions that you may regret. This usually boils down to your preference- try avoid choosing the unknown, it is advisable to choose a cake that you have always liked. If you have varying tastes with the groom, then reach a compromise and communicate this to the baker to see if he can incorporate this into his final product. Wedding Cake Tasting: Most bakers allow for a cake tasting session. Be sure to schedule an appointment and sample the different cakes on offer. Few brides ever take the time out to do it and regret it later when the cake looks great and tastes bad. Take your time and go with a trusted friend for a second opinion. Why not let wedding4africa photograph your big day?

wedding 4 afica cake photoSugar or cream: You must bear in mind that sugar icing is usually stiff and hard, allowing for decorations to be mounted on the wedding cake. It is also easier to transport. Cream icing, on the other hand, is not that easy to transport and don’t have the option of placing decorations on it and also might not photograph well. Bear in mind the season you will be getting married -is it in summer or winter? If you use whipped cream or egg sugar crystal for your cake, these ingredients usually melt in an hot outdoor environment, so it’s wise to make your decision with this in mind. Establish whether you will need to refrigerate you cake and make arrangements accordingly.

Gauteng wedding cakes photographyMini Me: Some wedding brides are doing away with the traditional idea of having a layered wedding cake. The new trend is to have a mini-cake for each of the guests. As Johannesburg wedding photographers, this is by far the most common style of wedding cake out there right now. Its getting boring, but, this is sure still to impress your guests and usually comes in a fun array of ideas like cupcakes to cakes with different colours and shapes.

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Fruity Tutty: If you opt for the a fruit cake, be sure to place the order early. Fruit cakes taste best when they have been allowed to mature for some time. Plan your schedule and allow the cake to be one of the things ticked off from your to do list, then be sure to place the order with the baker. Bearing this all in mind, your cake choosing experience is sure to be a yummy one. Enjoy!