For many photographers, including myself, portrait photography is thephotography niche liked best. Many experienced photographers are convinced that good portrait photography requires far more than technical know-how. Technique is needed. But, for most, there’s much more to portraiture photography.

For example, it’s vital that a relationship is formed between the subject and the photographer so that the subject feels comfortable taking pictures. If the subject doesn’t relax, chances are, they will not be or look comfortable. Sometimes, the success of a photo session ultimately has more to do with people skills and psychology than it does with technical know-how.

A good portrait reveals some aspect of the subject’s character, whether it’s a mood, a hint of laughter, or some other aspect of their personality. The skill to revealing this is in how you, the photographer, relate to and with the subject. Gain their trust and you put them at ease. Put them at ease and you’re halfway home.

Portrait Photography Equipment

Equipment is very important. But, expensive gear isn’t necessary or a guarantee for taking great portraits. Your learning experience in portrait photography should include a diverse range of styles, techniques, ideas and examples. But, when you’re beginning in portrait photography, go with the basics.

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