Photography-Camera-HD-Wallpaper1A useful way to look at a photography niche is by markets. You will be selling to specific markets, and to be successful you need to understand their specific needs and characteristics. It is customary to distinguish between four basic markets:

1. Advertising
2. Corporate
3. Editorial
4. Retail

Advertising: Advertising photography’s one and only purpose is to sell a product or services. It is the most lucrative photography niche because the total dollar amounts realized on the sales of products and services are enormous, marketing is a major expense in generating sales, and advertising is a major item in marketing budgets. The majority of photographers you hear about with six-figure incomes are advertising photographers.

Corporate: Corporations have a variety of photo needs. While corporate photography is not as lucrative as advertising photography, there are also large amounts of money spent by corporations for corporate image engineering, and it does pay considerably better than other markets. Public relations brochures, executive por traits, and corporate events also present profitable opportunities for corporate photographer sydney.

Other corporate photography opportunities include the annual report and other corporate literature needed to make the corporation look good.

Editorial: Editorial photography is maybe the most visible market to amateur photographers and might appear to be among the most glamorous. Editorial photography fills the large appetite for photographs of thousands of magazines and newspapers, as well as books. Editorial opportunities run the gamut from illus trated how-to books to encyclopedias and special interest and general consumer magazines to Time, Life, and the tabloids.

The editorial stock photography market has become a major uses of stock photographs. For example, photographs appearing in the little-known but largest segment of the editorial market, textbook publishing, are acquired by publishers almost exclusively on a stock basis.

Many photographers who enjoy editorial work earn their living in other markets, but make occasional en tries into the editorial market for personal pleasure. For the amateur photographer the benefit of editorial work is exposure.

At the low-budget specialty magazines, assignments are relatively easy to pick up and offer a chance to get published credits. Conducting business with these publications will also give most amateur photographers valuable experience and much needed confidence in cold-calling and negotiating. The important thing to remember is not to get bogged down in these low-paying trenches, and not to get discouraged by the low pay for the amount of work required.

Retail: Retail photography, summed up, is providing professional photographs to the general public for personal use. It encompasses a wide variety of specialties including wedding, boudoir photo shoot London and other special occasion photography, por trait photography, pet photography, and school photography. Retail photographers might operate out of a studio or they might shoot on location.

The retail photography market is a highly specialized one, with its own professional standards, marketing techniques, and pricing practices. Many retail photographers choose this market because they are first and foremost people photographers who prefer interacting with private individuals to dealing with ad agencies, companies, and the media.

I highly recommend an invaluable commercial photography London guide to me. It takes the mystery out of being successful in this lucrative niche.

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