wedding photography. How to get it brilliant!
Johannesburg wedding photography can be an appealing profession or leisure pursuit (if you are doing it part time) for many photographers in that it combines art with science. To be an awesome Gauteng wedding photographer, a healthy dose of creativity artistry is only half the battle won, but to truly break three dimensional realities into the realms of two dimensions – a wedding photo, uniquely and brilliantly requires a wedding photographer to have a… profound understanding of science as well as art — the science which deals with light off the bridal couple – the reflection and refraction thereof — and a science which captures light into small a black box known as a wedding camera.

Lets explore why the two key elements of advanced wedding photography, art and science are enigmatically linked from a best wedding photographers perspective. Science tells us that in order to be creative we need to use the right half of our brain, and to think cognitively we need to employ the left side – I.E. the part of the brain responsible for logical reasoning. Surprisingly though, the logical side of our mind is also responsible for seeing color! Now to my mind therein lies the paradox, a hurdle we’ll need to intrinsically overcome before we’re ever going to take breath taking wedding photographs and master wedding photography in Johannesburg. Luckily it is not as hard as it may seem. Our minds luckily have three parts to them – a sub conscious part and a conscious part broken into two halves, a left and a right.

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A composition which breaks rules because text books shouldn’t dictate great wedding photograph compositions, unique individual styles should.

We need to get the parts of the mind functioning together to be able to take brilliant Gauteng wedding photographs. Firstly, you’ll need to imprint onto your subconscious mind, a comprehensively taught understanding of all the workings of your canon or nikon (the lessor of the two in our opinion) digital SLR, as well as the native properties of the stuff the sun gives off, light! Once you know this better than your own name, grab your camera, look through the viewfinder and contemplate the following two points: use the left side of the brain to be become aware of the color, quantity and type of light coming into your wedding camera to habitually set your dials naturally, then use your creative right half to compose the shot and take it. If you took it well your Johannesburg wedding couple will love you forever, and the bride will sing your song for a long time to come with hopefully some referral business coming your way.

Remember that the best wedding photography composition is done through feeling, and never through text book or theory notes. Imagine yourself viewing your own wedding photos in one thousand years time — this alone should guide you to capture the most unique, timeless and awe inspiring compositions into the confines of your wedding camera. Remember, a logical wedding composition will get you nowhere, but a heart felt composition which probes at the souls of your subjects, will get you long lasting admiration and a Johannesburg wedding shoot to be remembered eternally, by your clients and other wedding photographers in Gauteng…