One Kodak Digital Camera Printer fit for a Professional

Are you looking for a great photo printer that will satisfy the quality demands of a professional at a reasonable price? While the KodakDigital Camera Printer may cost more than the hobby photographer is often prepared to pay, if you are a professional photographer wanting some of the best equipment around and with three thousand dollars to spend on getting the best, you need look no further than the Kodak Professional 9810 Digital Photo Printer. This photo printer is compatible with Windows XP and 2000 operating systems. It offers an efficient, value for money solution to photo printing, whether you are a keen amateur photographer or a professional with his or her own photographic business. Take it with you on-site and you can get your photos out immediately to your clients.

Easy to Operate

Like any other Kodak Digital Camera Printer, the Professional 9810 is easy to operate. You can quickly set up this printer at home by following the simple brochure instructions. With a Kodak Digital Camera Printer you can be ready to print your photos in less than five minutes.

Opportunity Knocks

With the Professional 9810 Kodak Digital Photo Printer being so easy and speedy to set up, it’s perfect for events. Send your guests or clients home with a visual memento of the day – or a set of them. Your Kodak Digital Camera Printer can handle it!

It Works Like a Pro!

The Professional 9810 Kodak Digital Photo Printer is great for professional photographers and can be used both in the studio and on location without any fuss. It will produce glossy prints up to a standard 8×12 inches. The printer is roll fed too so you won‘t have to stand there and feed it. Super fast, this Kodak Digital Photo Printer will give you the first print in forty-five seconds and subsequently churns out high quality prints every thirty-nine seconds.

Save Money with a Kodak Digital Photo Printer

The Professional 9810 Kodak Digital Photo Printer is set up to deliver prints with a minimal border, so you don’t waste any paper – and you save money. This is quite important for anyone on a budget, not just businesses. All of a sudden, when you consider how economical this Kodak Digital Photo Printer is and what high quality it will present, it looks like a pretty good deal.

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