Can Digital Cameras Really Be Inexpensive?

When it comes to the search for inexpensive digital cameras, a bit of a reality check is in order here; inexpensive in this case usually means that you would be lucky to find a decent digital camera at a price under four hundred dollars, but don‘t panic if just that very thought has your pocketbook groaning and your eyes watering at the thought of all that overtime you will have to put in to afford one of these so-called ‘inexpensive’ digital cameras; there are now a few cheaper options on the market.

You can actually nowadays get great inexpensive digital cameras for less than four hundred dollars – even under two hundred dollars if you know what you’re looking for. Once you’ve read this article you will certainly know what you are looking for in terms of inexpensive digital cameras.

What to look for in Inexpensive Digital Cameras

Ideally, you want to compromise as little as possible on resolution and zoom. That will enable you to get pictures of as high a quality as possible from inexpensive digital cameras. So go for five mega-pixels in the resolution and try to get a 10x zoom.

Here are a few options for you if you’re looking for good but inexpensive digital cameras.

Canon PowerShot S1 IS

This really is one of the most inexpensive digital cameras you could find that still has great features; it retails at less than four hundred dollars but has some features that even a much more expensive camera would be proud to boast. It has the 10X optical zoom mentioned above, although the resolution comes in a little low at 3.2 mega pixels; it’s still pretty good though. As well as still pictures, the Canon PowerShot S1 IS will capture thirty-two frames per second in video capture. It’s 32MB of memory is impressive.

If you’re after a higher resolution, go for:

Olympus Ultra Zoom C-765

What’s even more fantastic about one of these inexpensive digital cameras is that you can bag yourself one for under two hundred dollars. This time its resolution is four mega pixels. It still has the 10x optical zoom too, as well as a 4x digital zoom. It has a point and shoot mode but of course, you can also assume full control of this great inexpensive digital camera.

So you can see, just by using these two examples, that it is possible to get some fantastic and inexpensive digital cameras which will give you all the features that you desire for great photos and even video capture, if you pick the right model.

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