History Of Digital Photography – 7 Years Can Make a Huge Difference. You can’t ignore it, but history does impact our lifestyle and the working culture we are in right now. Here is a brief history of digital photography you must know if your are a beginner.

“There’s no way digital photography will ever overtake film photography.” Professional Photography and Photographic Artist, April 2000.

That was a little over 7 years ago, certainly not long in terms of the history of digital photography, but long enough for massive changes to take place. In 2000 professional photographers sneered at digital, and today in most cases they are using digital cameras as their main photo equipment.
What’s happened in this 7-yr chunk of the history of digital photography? Technology has been on a speed tear across this short time period. The history of digital photography has seen exponential growth, in camera capability, memory cards, processing software and the integration of multi-medias.

Cameras. The 7-year history of digital photography is especially relevant in the arena of single lens reflex (SLR) cameras. The industry has gone from 2.3 megapixel cameras to 16 megapixels camera. It has gone from 1 fps (frame per second) to 10 fps and some cameras can shoot 110 photos in one burst. We now have SLR cameras that mimic the finest film cameras. What even more relevant in the history of digital photography is that most professional photographers these days shoot digital. Just 7 years later.

Memory Cards. Here, too, there’s been dramatic growth in this short history of digital photography. In 2000 a large memory card was 128 megabites. Today you can buy an 8 gigabite card for less than the 128 card would have cost in 2000. And the cards are much faster as well.

Processing Software. In 2000 Photoshop 6.0 was new. In this 7-year chunk of thehistory of digital photography, there’s been 4 massive changes in that program alone with the latest being the Creative Suite 3 release in April that integrates both still and video, desktop publishing and artistic software so that you can access one or all of them from any single program. Integration, integration, integration. That’s the current name of the game in software.

File Size. Also important to our look at the history of digital photography is what’s happening to the original image. In Photoshop 6.0 adjustment layers were introduced. This was an important step in history of digital photography. It allowed images to be changed without changing the original, but created larger and larger files because how there were multiple layers in each file. Coupled with the move to raw images, the size of files swelled dramatically.
The history of digital photography isn’t very long even if you go back to the first TV images of the early 50’s.

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