How can we get hold of great Speed Photography shots?  We’ll be using eggs for this experimental example. Here are 5 important speed photography tips for beginners.

Speed Photography Tips #1 – Egg Explosion Set Ups

To start up, the venue of your egg explosion photography experiment must be in a darkened room.

To avoid reflections, you can make use of an opened velvet-lined box with a glass on top of it.

The only photography equipment I used to provide lighting was the Nikon SB-100 speed light. It is also advisable that you wear protective clothing during the experiment.

Speed Photography Tips #2 – The Consequences of Poor Exposures

One thing to be extremely aware of whilst photographing an exploding egg is to get the correct exposure. Taking a shot with the wrong exposure guarantees you ruined photos.

I used a Nikon D3 and a Nikon 80-200mm f/2.8 lens at 200mm. I managed to obtain a successful egg explosion shot after I’ve set my camera to Bulb, f/8 and ISO640.

Speed Photography Tips #3 – Freezing Movements

Instead of using a fast shutter speed, what I did to freeze movement was to make use of a few speed lights and have them set at 1/128th power with 1/40,000 sec flashes.

In such situations whereby a high ISO is provided, just the right depth of field is produced.

Speed Photography Tips #4 – Timing Essentials

Timing is indeed essential. Taking great shots of egg explosion isn’t easy. I was pretty lucky to have gotten a shot taken whereby the burst of the egg yolk was just right.

I’ve tried numerous times with many eggs being exploded and finally achieved a number of great photos. Yes, there will be a sense of achievement and contentment when you’ve finally gotten the right shot.

Speed Photography Tips #5 – The Egg Explosion

In this case, I used a pallet gun to explode the egg. What I did to catch the explosion was to make use of the audio trigger. For those who are not yet familiar with an audio trigger, it fires flashes once it senses loud noises.

An audio trigger is a pretty expensive equipment. Therefore, most photographers prefer to make their very own audio triggers.

Unless you are a photographer who is into electronic devices and strobe photography, then an investment towards the audio trigger would be worthwhile.

It’s a lot of fun to conduct speed photography although it does require a lot of patience. If you’d like, you can also try to photograph milk or water droplets.