Family moments are best cherished through memories and capturing them at the right time may not be possible always. However the creative thinking behind family portrait photography brings with it the leisure to capture those precious moments for generations to cherish and say” that’s my lovely family”!

Yes, increasingly people are getting conscious about family portraits nowadays. Well, when you have the great idea you would want it to be the best at any cost. Few tips to bring out the best in your family portraits would be:

Preparing for the portrait: A very important aspect is to make the family ready for the shoot. What describes your family; Is your family known for something special; any game in particular? If the theme is based on a common liking of the members, the photograph brims with energy.

Choice of Attire and Color: This is equally important as the attire or its color should not distort the onlooker’s attention. While same color might be monotonous, dark contrast is not advisable. The color of the attire should not clash with the background. It is better to have the color complimenting each other. Preferably for children, make sure they are comfortable with what they are wearing.

Deciding the Location: Sunlight or the camera light plays an important role while shooting hence it’s important to first decide on the location – indoors or outdoors. If outdoors, make sure sunlight is not glaring into the lens neither it is too shady. Depending on the season, the attire can add value to the photograph if taken outdoors. Choosing a particular season is advantageous for those families who share a common interest in a particular game, that can be made the theme of the portrait photography perth and the family members would be at their self-best.

For example if your family loves to play beach volleyball, opt for beach photography; keep the dress code as white shirt and blue denim that compliments the sky and blue water.

Make sure you take multiple photographs or hire Edinburgh photographers and to ease out the in-front-of-the-camera look, crack a joke just before clicking.

While posing, do not follow a pattern try to make angles, make sure the shoulder of the person is not at the same level as the camera. Pictures where people pose in triangles or have their head tilted look good as the members are closer to each other; to bring in more variety you can choose for sit and stand pose too.

The mantra behind the best click is to ease the situation so that the camera doesn’t miss to capture the 1000W natural smile of each family member which is far more worthy than a fake smile.

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