The real world of media is very vast and is in touch with through its various forms like TV, Magazine, radio, films, and literature and includes everything that we can see through our eyes and hear and everything that we can read. These are all different forms of media established to keep us informed about the happening in and around us and what it will lead us to in the near future. World of media toady has brought about considerable change into our lives and the world today can virtually be accessed from the comfort of our home. Because of the free and vibrant world of media today people all around the world are connected to each other and thus leading to the emergence of one single society all over the world.

Media is not just helping us in globalization but also transforming us into world citizens. Through the world of media we are getting acquainted to the different cultures followed around the world and we are even aware of the different eating habits in different parts of the world. Not just this it also is influencing the fashion market as now people can keep a track of the fashions in vogue around the world and follow the same in their won country. The advent of global media in future could help in establishing one single law all over the world.

World of media like radio advertising, TV advertising , magazine advertising, etc has exposed the viewers to different cultures and citizens around the world, the religion and the sub religion followed by them. This in turn would help one to easily identify the nationality of an individual in the first instance itself. Even the food habits of different cultures no longer remains elusive and hence if anyone travels to any other country will not face the problem of local food of their choice unlike the travelers few years back would have to face.

The world of media has become so powerful that all the discoveries and inventions are accessible to the people in the comfort of their drawing room. The world of media is not just helping us to create one world but it is so powerful that it is helping us to unite and fight the problems we face. There are for example various infectious diseases in and around the world. Earlier when in a country there could be a pandemic because of any such disease even the immediate neighboring country would not come to know of it let alone the rest of the world. But today thanks to media any such threat comes up the whole world comes to know about it and thus precautionary measures can be taken well in time by the countries so as to stop it from spreading anywhere else. This in turn ensures the safety of the people in and around the world. World of media has certainly helped us in uniting and has made the world a better place to live in.

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