One of the best digital photography tips that I could offer is read your owner’s manual. As obvious and boring as that might sound, those that take the few minutes to familiarize themselves with the tools of their camera, begin to separate themselves from the massive number of people that have cameras and refer to themselves as photographers.

Many of us want to be great photographers. But, we are unwilling or too impatient to do the most basic needed step:
There are many more valuable digital photography tips. But, not many more important than that one!

That having been said: Sometimes, the many controls on our cameras can intimidate and overwhelm us. We knowthat we have powerful cameras. We just don’t know how to use the powerful tools on the powerful cameras. After all, many of us bought expensive cameras because of the ‘powerful tools’ – unfortunately, we thought that they were “automatic?!”

A very good method to learn the tools of our cameras is to focus on specific results that we want in our photos. For example, sometimes, we want everything in the shot clear and in focus. Other times, we want just one focal point in focus in the shot with everything else blurred. Or, maybe we want to win the “over exposure battles” that we have with our shots.

The digital photography tips and lessons on this page are designed to better familiarize you with your camera so that you will consistently produce the images that you want to produce – each time. The lessons are short, informative, valuable and enlightening.

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