Digital Photography Equipment. Success in photography in modern times is a combination of two things. A creative eye to look towards things and secondly an ability to use the equipment in the right way for the right job. Here’s an article that gives a brief introduction of the right kind of equipment. What’s the best digital photography equipment for me? That’s a question that’s often asked. The simple answer is that the best digital photography equipment for you depends on what you shoot and what you want the equipment to do. First and foremost, there’s the camera. Finding the best camera for you can be one of the most daunting tasks in putting together your digital photography equipment.

If you are just starting out, keep your digital photography equipment simple. Don’t buy a camera with tons of bells and whistles because it will just frustrate you.

Find a simple point and shoot from a major well-known company and it will serve you well. You can purchase a camera that has 4 or 5 megapixels for a reasonable price, and take beautiful photos quickly. If you only want the photos for emailing or for 4×6 prints you don’t even need a camera with that many megapixels for your digital photography. Equipment other than the camera will again vary with your skill level and what you want to shoot. It will be covered a later on in this article.

Do you rank yourself above the beginner but not quite in the pro SLR category? Then your selection of digital photography equipment can be even more confusing. There are so many options available. Your best bet is to visit and read reviews of cameras in your price range. They do a great job of letting you know the pros and cons of each camera and detailing their picks in each category. You can focus on digital photography equipment reviews that are their editor’s top picks or you can focus on the cameras that are most popular. They even arrange the equipment in order by price range and by mega-pixels.

Now that I have my camera, what other digital photography equipment do I need? For sure you will need a decent sized memory card. The memory card that is shipped with the camera is almost certainly too small to be of much use. This is your camera’s hard drive (so to speak). And just like hard drives, the larger the better. Some people think that a good rule of thumb is the ability to hold 100 large jpg images for your camera. Thinking in the 1 gig or 2 gig category works for mid-range cameras. You may want to have a minimum of two as part of your digital photography equipment though, so that one can be downloading while the other is in the camera. If you’re taking a trip, then more is better.

Toping your list of necessary digital photography equipment will be also be items like tripods, a well-padded camera bag to protect your camera and lens, additional lens and lens converters for your camera, microfiber lens cleaner, and filters. Back-up batteries are items absolutely essential to you digital photography equipment list as well as a battery charger. Most batteries come with the charger, and it’s one of those things you always want to remember to pack.

In summary, the digital photography equipment you’ll need depends on your preferences, shooting level and level of technical expertise.

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