Looking for a digital camera review that you can trust? When choosing a digital camera, many people ask “what is the best digital camera?” The question should be “what is the best digital camera for me?” Digital camera reviews can tell you a lot. But an objective review is, sometimes, hard to find.

No matter where you go to find your trusted review be advised that there is no single answer. Selecting a digital camera is an individual choice as choosing a car, or a place to live. And, like a car, a digital camera should give you great satisfaction, enjoyment and consistent operational use.
When researching digital camera reviews, try these tips:

Digital Camera Review Tip 1 – What is your budget for the camera?

Cost is a huge factor in purchasing a digital camera. Like anything, the higher the price you go, the better the equipment, lens and functionality of the digital camera. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the more you spend the better your photos will be. Like golf, buying expensive equipment only gets you so far – your skills and how often you practice them are what produces successful results. Some of us only have $600 or $1,200 or less. Determining what photography niche you will focus on will be a significant factor in your choice of camera price.

Digital Camera Review Tip 2 – What is your photography niche?

You will be a whiz at taking regular snapshots and family photos at home. However, if you want your digital photography to be complete with telephoto capabilities, macro functions and everything in between, the ‘semi-pro’ digital camera’s lens won’t be enough. Close-up photography can be done with a basic digital camera. However, quality close-up photos require attachable lenses. And you can only attach external lenses onto a Digital SLR (a professional digital camera). Your photography niche might be event photography which requires a telephoto lens.

Digital Camera Review Tip 3 – How ‘tough’ do you need the camera to be?

It isn’t a good idea to have a digital camera that’s sensitive to a lot of handling if you want to use it at football games, for traveling and for anything else. Select a digital camera body that’s sturdy and where you can easily and safely store it out of harm’s way and inadvertent mishandling.

Digital Camera Review Tip 4 – What about mega pixels?

You probably already know that the number of pixels determine the resolution of the photo. However, pixels aren’t the only factor to consider – find out what is the size of the image sensor (CCD). How does it compare to other digital cameras in the same range? Digital cameras are available with 5MP, 6MP, 8MP, or 8MP! Consider all factors.

Digital Camera Review Tip 5 – What file format will you need?

File formats such as JPEG, TIFF, RAW, etc. offer different photo manipulation functions. Many photographers are recognizing the many options of post-processing with different file formats. If you are simply looking to take the basic photo with the camera, file format is not as critical. If you prefer to manipulate and manage the photo, file format is significant.

Camera Review Tip 6 – How much automation do you need?

Manual Makeup: What is mentioned regarding the digital camera’s manual settings? Can you set shutter priority, or aperture priority? Do you have full manual con trol over the most important aspects of exposure? It will be a shame if you start shooting away, trying new things you never dared with your film camera, only to find that you have virtually no manual con trol.

How trustworthy is the digital camera review?

Before deciding on a digital camera, do your homework. Looking through many available reviews is time well spent.

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