This ebook package comes with step-by-step instructionson how to take pictures of beautiful landscapes, people, nature, fireworks, night scenes, etc. Digital camera comparison – make a good one, before parting with your cash! If you have an emotional attachment to the image in a picture it really doesn’t matter how nice of quality it is. Even if you have a tripod, the act of pressing the shutter release to take a photograph will shake the camera and create a blurry photo. That is why they appear on some pictures and not on others. Nor do I see cost as an issue either; a usable tripod can be had for $30, which is nothing if you’ve already spent $200+ on a camera. Quality photos with exposures more than a minute or so are just not possible with digital.

The large 2.7 inch LCD screen display allows for playback and viewing of your media. The 5X digital zoom and automatic ISO settings allows you to capture memories with ease. Almost all digital cameras — compact and digital SLR alike — have a tripod thread hole. You want the latest tech tips and tricks in your e-mail Inbox – FREE? No matter the occasion, night photography is a handy skill to hone. Read more Published 1 month ago by CTpeople 5.0 out of 5 stars Review of IR stil camera In Australia, the same camera is available with a different name. That doesn’t mean that your automatic or semi-automatic camera won’t work. We took tons of pictures, but out of all 400-some pics, my favorite is the one I took of Niagara Falls lit up at night.

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