Step 1 € Going Manual

Set the depth of field to Manual (M) mode or Aperture Priority (AV) so that you are in control of your composition. You will also be better able to manage the areas of your of your photo shoot scene that should be kept in focus.

As for your lenses, it will be necessary for you to have it set to Manual Focus (MF).

Step 2  The Depth of Field Preview Function

Your DSLR Depth of Field Preview function is a very important feature that will help you assess the depth of field.

Once you`€™ve completed assessing the depth of field, you may press into the shutter.

The image is shown at its widest aperture until the shutter button is depressed.

Step #3 € Switch to Live View

The Live View function is a great help to aerial photographer UK! This function is available on a majority of DSLRs.

While you€™re in Live View mode, press onto the Depth of Field Preview button. Doing this, you will be able to see your subject in focus.

This gives you the advantage to manage the position of the focal point, thus extending the in-focus are to its maximum capability.

Depth-of-Field Photography Tips #2 € Using a Tripod Will Be Good

Using a tripod will do your photography attempts good as they help ensure camera stability, thus resulting images that appear looking much more accurate.

Be sure that your tripod is steady. Collabera . Used Cars Denver . LED TV . Vibration can ruin the results of your photographs, so keep the locks and knobs of the tripod tightened before every photography attempt.

Depth-of-Field Photography Tips #3 € Faster Shutter Speeds

Using wide apertures will allow you to handhold your DSLR and capture photographs without the need to rely on a tripod.

This is because a narrow depth-of-field also means faster shutter speeds. An example of a narrow depth-of-field is f/2.8.

Use a variety of ISO so that you gain better control.

Also, it is better to abide by the 1/ focal length rule. This means capturing photos with a 50mm lens at a rate no slower than 1/50 sec.

Depth-of-Field Photography Tip #4 € About Focus

Use the autofocus mode correctly or completely disable while you are shooting. This will depend on the type of subject you are photographing as well as the style of the picture.

Be sure to check your focus often while using manual when shooting landscape pictures. When you accidently use the wrong focus ring for the zoom, all your shots are a goner. This simply means that they will all be ruined.