You will have to conduct your concert photography attempts at reasonably low shutter speed levels under low light conditions to ensure that the amount of light that enters the camera is sufficient.

Nonetheless you have to bear in mind that with lower shutter speeds, the results of your photography shots are at risk and may not be sharp in focus simply because your hands or the subject itself moves.

In such situations, you will have to support your camera better to avoid blurred photography results.

One thing you can do is to lean your elbow on top of your stomach so that it forms a pillar for your arm to rest against for better stability. You can also hold your breath while you take pictures since it does help avoid camera shake.

Shutter speeds of 1/40 to 1/60 sec may not work. This however is dependent on the type of music that is played. If possible, it is advisable that you try to shoot concert photography shots with shutter speeds at 1/25 sec or higher.

The pictures would normally turn out sharp but a little underexposed. Thankfully, the image can be tweaked and saved in post-production. Keeping the image sharp is of top priority because if your image is not sharp, no photo editor can rescue it.

Concert Photography Tips #5 – How to Improve Your Concert Photography Skills with the EXIF Data

There is EXIF (Exchangeable Image File) data stored in every digital photograph.

What is an EXIF data, you ask? EXIF data are recorded information of the camera settings used for every digital photo you take.

Most digital cameras save JPEG files along with their respectable EXIF data.

One really great thing you can do to learn why your concert photography shots turn out good or otherwise is to check out each of their EXIF data. Trust me, taking your time to study the settings and result of each concert photography shot helps you lean and improve your concert photography skills.

Concert Photography Tips #6 – Check the Lights

Before the concert starts, take a look at the lights. Notice where the lights are located and then check how the position of the lightings may affect the results of your concert photography attempts.

Concert Photography Tips #7 – Convey the Energy of the Concert through Your Photographs

My personal concert photography shots are those that capture the emotion and energy of the concert.

How you can achieve such shots is to shoot when the singer steps back from the microphone. Instead of that, you can also press the shutter when the singer reaches the high notes or when he or she smiles at the audiences.