People buy benefits.

Photography customers are no different.

The successful marketing photographer realizes that the only products or services that succeed are those that offer benefits to the photography customer that, they perceive, are greater than their cost.
To be successful marketing to customers, you cannot confuse ‘features’ and ‘benefits.’

Features are elements of a product that deliver benefits. The successful and best advertising photographers recognizes and never forgets that the customers buy benefits.

Features : your customers don’t care whether you are using 16 mega pixel raw tiff or grain less film with non-glare, vignette lighting and no shadows.

Benefits : your customers will stay your customers if your photography makes them look at tractive, look happy, look young and look successful – and/or all of these traits.

McDonald’s sells hamburgers. Their messages communicate that they ‘want to make you smile,’ ‘give you a break today,’ and they can do it by getting you in and out quickly – heck, you can even drive through! They don’t even mention that they sell hamburgers! Yet, they are the number one hamburger business in the world! McDonald’s sells benefits. Even Burger King promises that ‘you can have it your way.’

Benefits to the photography customer are actually wants and desires. In general, all customers (no matter what we are buying) want:

• To be safe
• To be happy
• To have fun
• To eat delicious foods
• To be at tr active
• To be successful
• To like themselves
• To be liked by other people
• To protect their family and friends
• To be free from pain

Much of your success in marketing your photography business will be determined by your mastering the list of what your photography customer wants and communicating the benefits of your photography services and products are significant steps in understanding marketing.

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