Here are 10 Hot Tips on photographing your subjects with the power of candles!

Candlelight Photography Tips #1 – Don’t Use Your Flash!

Flashes will over power your ambient light and look very harsh. Using flash will only spoil the mood of the photo you’re taking, so turn it off and use the ambient light instead.

Candlelight Photography Tips #2 – Shutter Speed Essentials

You’ll want to set a low shutter speed to let in some light – but also remember that low shutter speeds can risk blur from movement, watch out for the candle’s flickering too!

If everything’s still and not moving, you can get a pretty low and perfect shutter speed.

Candlelight Photography Tips #3 – Add More Candles When Necessary

If you find that one candle is not enough to light up your subject’s face to your desires, feel free to add more. By adding more, you can also give yourself more options for shutter speed and ISO settings.

Candlelight Photography Tips #4 – Do Not Place All The Candles At One Corner

Spread it around your subject’s face, you want to have an even amount of light all around the face of your subject; maybe put a little bit more on one side to give a dramatic lighting feel.

Candlelight Photography Tips #5 – Make Good Use of Natural Reflectors

Of course you’re not going to carry a reflector into a restaurant or a café (assuming of course, that you’re doing this in such locations and not a studio), so you’ll have to make do with improvised reflectors: surfaces available to you.

They can be the plates, cups, silverware (might come off as a bit too strong) –even the table cloth or walls. They may not do much, but when it is in low lighting, even the simplest and tiniest reflectors can help a great deal.

Candlelight Photography Tips #6 – Adding The Mood Into Your Candlelit Photos

You might not see much of the backdrop/background or items around your subject in low lighting.

However, you ought to know that it’s ideal to include some items that give the romantic mood like a wine glass and fine tableware into the composition if you’re in a romantic restaurant or café.

Doing these will help add the mood!

Candlelight Photography Tips #7 – The ISO Settings

Put your ISO higher if you’re using low shutter speeds so that you’ll reduce risk of camera shake, but remember that noise will be present; so just keep it at around ISO400 and below, you should do fine with that.

Candlelight Photography Tips #8 – Objects That Help Provide Stability

Stabilize your camera, with a tripod or not –if you’re a really hardcore photographer, you might carry those strong mini tripods that you can put on the table—if not, any items on the table can help you stabilize your camera: cups, bowls etc.

Candlelight Photography Tips #9 – About Candle Compositions

You can include the candles itself into your photo, but remember that it’ll affect your settings – so adjust as required.

You’ll also need to keep your subject as the main focus, not the candles for the candles will distract somewhat.

Candlelight Photography Tips #10 – Alternative Light Sources

If the candles still can’t cut it right for you, then you can try using other light sources as well – preferable those that give the same mood as candles.

A dim lamp from a nearby table or the dim ceiling lights can help a lot.