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First of all this discussion pertains to people photography not nature photography. Many folks think the sun should be in front of the subject shining on their faces. This is poor lighting. It will result in squinty eyes, shadows under the eyes and harsh direct lighting. The sun at either side of your subject creates strong shadows across the nose. Now if there is no sun and it’s hidden by cloud cover then you’ll get a nice diffused soft lighting over your subjects. In such cases you won’t have to deal with shadows. You can also take your subject into the shade. Once again soft lighting without shadows. Now if you take your subject into the shade bear in mind that the background may not be in shade and it may be very bright back there.

If your camera exposes for the light on the subject under these cases it will blow out the background and make it overexposed. How do you deal with that? Well that’s another lesson and it involves the proper use of flash and shutter speeds but your professional photographer know’s how to expose for both the background and foreground. Often times our brides and grooms like to be by the beach or they prefer a spot that’s out in the open. We make every effort to place the sun AT THEIR BACKS. The sun is coming into the camera from behind them. This creates beautiful hair and rim lighting around your subjects head and shoulders and in particular through the veil. Now this gets tricky. You must watch for lens flare and you must know how to light your subjects up with flash while properly exposing for the bright sun. Your camera won’t know how to expose for this in automatic mode. How do you properly expose this shot properly? That’s why you need a professional photographer.

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